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Best Saxophone for Beginners Guide

Every instrument has its melody, and that melody differs from one to another. The saxophone is a musical instrument. It has beautiful sounds and melodies that infatuate the people. Playing saxophone is a dream for young teenagers. Let’s find the best saxophone for beginners.

There are many types of saxophones available in the market.

  • Soprano Saxophone
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone

Best Saxophone for Beginners

The best saxophone for beginners is the Alto Saxophone because it is light and has less stretch for smaller hands than the baritone saxophone and tenor saxophone. Here’s a list of All Saxophones described in this article. All of them are the best saxophones for beginners.

  2.  Jean Paul USA (SS-400GP)
  3. Jean-Paul AS 400
  4. Medini by Cecilio Eb
  5. Jean Paul USA TS-400
  6. Yamaha YTS 480
  7. Yamaha YBS 41 II
  8. Selmer BS500
  9. Yamaha YAS 280
  10. Yamaha YAS-26
  11. Conn-Selmer AS711
  12. Apollo Student

Soprano Saxophone

The Soprano saxophone is the third smallest member of the saxophone category. It is pitched in the key of B-flat, exactly one octave higher than a tenor saxophone. They typically have a straight, round shape, 27.56 inches (70 cm) long with an average width of 7.87 inches (20 cm), dimensions which are very similar to that of the clarinet.

The best model of the Soprano Saxophone is ESTER SS-II and  Jean Paul USA (SS-400GP)

ESTER SS-II Jean Paul USA (SS-400GP)
Jean Paul USA SS 400 GP

Alto Saxophone

Alto saxophones are medium-sized saxophones. They are tuned to the E flat key and are an octave higher than the Tenor Saxophone. They are just over two feet long and perfect for beginners. The alto saxophone is pitched in E♭, smaller than the B♭ tenor but larger than the B♭ soprano.

The best model of the Alto Saxophone is Jean-Paul AS400 and Medini by Cecilio Eb.

Jean-Paul AS400Medini by Cecilio Eb

Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophones are medium-sized saxophones. The tenor is pitched in the key of Bb (while the alto is pitched in the key of Eb) and written as a transporting instrument in the treble clef sounding an octave and a  major second lower than the written pitch.

The best model of the Tenor Saxophone is Jean Paul USA TS-400 and Yamaha YTS 480.

Jean Paul USA TS-400Yamaha YTS 480

Baritone Saxophone

Baritone saxophones are the large-sized saxophone of the saxophone family. The baritone saxophone is in the key of E flat, meaning that it sounds exactly one octave lower than the alto, and a perfect fifth lower than the tenor. The baritone saxophone’s relatively large mass (11 to 20 pounds or 5.0 to 9.1 kilograms, depending on the manufacturer’s choice of material and structural designs, and whether it has a low A key) has led to the development of harness-style alternatives to neck straps which distribute the instrument’s weight across the user’s shoulders.

The best model of the Baritone Saxophone is Yamaha YBS 41 II and Selmer BS500L.

Yamaha YBS 41 IISelmer BS500

How Much Does A Saxophone Cost?

You can find a good quality beginner saxophone for as low as $499. Less if you’re looking for cheap saxophone to see if you like learning it. At the other end of the spectrum, a shiny new professional instrument can easily set you back $3,100+ whilst a rare vintage horn can get into 5-figures.

If you play saxophone professionally you must concern about the select best type and best model saxophone. here is our suggestion for selecting the best model saxophone for beginners. There are many different types of models and other shapes of saxophone available in the market. now we give you some model and their specification that help you to select the best saxophone for yourself.

Best Saxophone for Beginners (7-12 Years)

Yamaha YAS 280

you must have A question that arises in your mind why Yamaha YAS 280 is best for beginners? There is a reason for the best Alto Saxophone which is Yamaha YAS 280 It is a quality product that beginners can start with and grow with over time. Similar to another Alto type of saxophone it is very lightweight for the beginner player while being durable and sturdy. Yamaha YAS 280 is very lightweight, it has only 13pound. Outstanding action relieves pressure on one’s hand after playing for a long time. Easy to play. The Yamaha YAS 280 is ergonomically designed so it is very handy and suitable for beginners player.

Best Saxophone for Beginners (12-18 Years)

Jean-Paul AS 400

If you are highly or seriously interested in playing saxophone Jean Paul AS-400 is the best option. it is easy to tune for beginners and stay tuned for a long time. the action is smooth so the player’s hand will not cramp after hours of play. It is more costly than the Yamaha YAS 280 but it is more convenient than that for beginners. It also lasts longer for serious beginners who want to continue building their saxophone skills and cruft.

Best Saxophone for Young Beginners

Yamaha YAS-26

Yamaha YAS 26 is the best option for you if you are young, have a limited budget, you are highly interested to learn saxophone and playing saxophone for a year. Yamaha YAS 26 is the perfect combination of entry-level and intermediate-level saxophone for beginners. The Yamaha YAS 26 comes with a case, strap, and mouthpiece although the mouthpiece is specially designed for beginners students who want to learn saxophone. Yamaha YAS 26 provides the best option to select for your learning partner.

Best Saxophone for Beginners 

Jean Paul USA (SS-400GP)

Jean Paul USA SS 400 GP

Jean-Paul USA (SS-400GP) is a very high-quality saxophone for beginners. it has caught global attention in recent years. It is the great saxophone in that range in the market. it has a very effective saxophone who want to learn saxophone and play professionally. it comes with all near accessories. it is also lightweight saxophone and it provides a decent and beautiful sound. Jean-Paul USA (SS-400GP) help beginner players to effectively learn saxophone and build skill.

Durable Saxophone for Beginners

Conn-Selmer AS711

If you want to buy durable saxophone then you can choose Conn-Selmer AS711. This model is very lightweight, durable, and affordable for beginner saxophone players. This lower-level alto saxophone has everything for beginner players and other budget-friendly players and those who just starting out. The body of the Conn-Selmer AS711 is very attractive enough for beginners and the AS711 specially design for beginners who need comfortable hand positioning and key-fingering skill. If you are a younger player Conn-Selmer AS711 model is the best selection for you.

Best Saxophone for Mid Budget Beginners

Apollo Student

If you are a more budget-friendly beginner then you can select Apollo Student Saxophone. This model saxophone is the best selection for budget-friendly beginners. This model is perfect for beginners to learn about the price of other choices. It will not last as long as Yamaha or Jean-Paul. If you want to save money Medina will be a good selection for beginner players.

Apollo Student Saxophone comes with a kit and you can get all supporting accessories in the kit so you don’t need to buy accessories. It is made of quality materials and it has a decent sound quality that stays tuned long period.

  • Apollo is a very attractive saxophone that comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • Apollo has a large bore that helps beginners to play the saxophone.
  • Apollo comes with nearly every accessory.

Apollo is not a professional saxophone but it has some qualities that is very effective for beginner players. It is very lightweight, about 10 pounds. So our suggestion is if you are a beginner player then you can buy it.

Best Saxophone for Low Budget Beginners

Ester AS-II

This model saxophone is much cheaper than others available in the market. The building quality of this model is very high in this price range. This is a very lightweight saxophone that helps those who play for long periods. This is not a professional saxophone; this saxophone is only suitable for beginner players. Ester AS –II  MODEL saxophone is very cheap but it has a quality that differs from other cheap saxophones. if you are a beginner and you have a low budget you want to good quality saxophone for your learning period then you can select or choose Ester AS-II. Ester AS-II comes with a strap, carrying case, and supporting accessories so you don’t worry about buying accessories. So if you are a beginner and you have a limited budget then you can buy it.


Buying the best-quality saxophone is not an easy task. But if you are conscious of the need to select the best saxophone for yourself or your student, then you can buy it according to the guide.

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