Cremona SV-175

Cremona SV-175 Violin Review । Best for Beginners

It has been Cremona’s best violin for beginners for over three decades. it’s also the top-selling violin of Cremona successfullythis is often a US-made violin. Though there are many violins that are best for beginners, experienced musicians also like this violin for its build quality and sound quality. Music Inc. magazine also reviewed this violin and they also mentioned that “Cremona SV-175 is meant to satisfy the requirements of beginning and advance level students”.

Features of Cremona SV-175

This violin is proof of quality craftsmanship. it’s handcrafted maple wood for the rear, sides, and therefore the spruce. Ebony pegs are quality built and firmly fitted for better tuning. The lightweight construction makes this violin alright balanced. Ebony fingerboard, rest, and therefore the tailpiece is tough and light-weight with four fine tuners. The violin is well furnished and completed with warm brown finishing which looks so beautiful and attractive. It can last decades without facing major problems.

This violin comes during a lightweight oblong violin case which is additionally excellent in quality. The case comes with a velvet inner lining and a build-in Hygrometer. It is alright in protecting the violin while traveling.
The brazilwood-made bow also comes with the violin. Real Mongolian horsehair is employed to finish the bow. It brings out the sweet sound of the violin. This violin has the right balance right out of the box. It only takes a fast tuning to start out.



Our Ratings and Thoughts

This is a violin you’ll choose stupidly an excessive amount of because the standard is extremely reliable. this is often surely one of the simplest violins immediately within the market. As we all know, if the start is sweet then the journey also will be good. That’s why we are hopeful about this violin and therefore the player who will start their journey as a violinist with this violin.

We attempt to give ratings consistent with its quality and price and here is our rating of Cremona SV-175.

Pros & Cons of Cremona SV-175


-quality craftsmanship

-professional carrying case

-strung with good quality string

-very well balanced out of the box

-oiled neck for smooth playing

-available in 7 different sizes

-built alright to last decades


-no rosin and shoulder rest

-sometimes hygrometer doesn’t work properly




Cremona’s SV-175 may be a great violin for beginners. They have made a durable and top-quality instrument with excellent sound quality which is even better than some electric violins. it’s a top of the road entry-level instrument which provides the best value consistent with the price. This violin also has the power to satisfy standard-level students. due to those facts, Cremona SV-175 is unquestionably one of the simplest violins for beginners of any age.

Author: Mohammad Nahid Parvez.

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