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Best Violin for Beginners from Experts Opinion

As a beginner violinist, finding the right instrument can be a daunting task. You’re probably wondering which instrument is the right one for your children or you. We will provide you with expert guidance on what to look for when shopping for a beginner violin. Welcome to our guide on the best violin for beginners! Our author, Mohammad Nahid Parvez, is a violin grandmaster and violin teacher with a passion for playing and conducting. He has carefully selected these violins based on his own experience and knowledge of the industry. So, you can trust that you’re getting the best advice. Let’s get started!

Violin is one of the most popular string instruments among various kinds of musical instruments. Though it is one of the hardest instruments to play, it produces the most beautiful sound. As classical music lovers, many have the desire to learn how to play the violin. At that point, almost everyone has a question in mind what is the best violin for beginners?

Best Violins for Beginners

  • Stentor: This brand is known for its hand-carved violins made from top-quality materials. They are affordable and produce a good sound, but some models may have an uneven finish and lower-quality fingerboards and pegs.
  • Knilling: These violins are made from quality materials and have easy-to-tune pegs. They have a nice tone quality, but they can be more expensive and may not be available in all sizes.
  • Cremona: This well-known brand is known for its high-quality wood and craftsmanship. However, their violins may not be available in all sizes and are more expensive for beginners.
  • Cecilio: These violins are affordable and made from top-quality wood. They also come with an electronic tuner, but some models may have pegs that slip or stick and a shoulder rest that is not adjustable.
  • Mendini: These budget-friendly violins are a good option for beginners. They come with two bows, but the bows may warp and the strings will need to be replaced.
  • Yamaha: This brand offers a range of models at different price points. Their entry-level violins are very affordable, but advanced players may need to upgrade to a higher-quality model.

Things to Consider for Buying Beginners Violin


Violins come in a range of sizes, from 1/32 to 4/4. To find the best size for you or your child, measure from the base of the neck to the wrist of the left hand, with the left arm fully extended. This measurement will give you the most comfortable size.


Violins can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. It’s important to set a budget before you start shopping, so you can narrow your search and avoid wasting time looking at options outside of your price range.


It’s important to choose a high-quality violin, as a low-quality instrument can be frustrating to play and may not produce a good sound. Look for violins made from top-quality materials and with good craftsmanship.

New or Used

You have the option of purchasing a new or used violin. New violins can be more expensive, but they are typically of higher quality and come with a warranty. Used violins can be a more budget-friendly option, but it’s important to carefully inspect them to ensure they are in good condition.

Top 10 Best Violins for Beginners

Here’s a list of the best violins for a beginner-

  1. Stentor 4-String Violin 1500     
  2. Aliyes Premium Violin 
  3. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin
  4. Cecilio CVN-300
  5. D Z Strad Violin Model 100  
  6. Mendini MV400
  7. Cremona SV-500 Premier
  8. D Z Strad Violin Model 101
  9. Cremona SV-200 Premier
  10. Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin

Stentor 1500 (Best Violin for Beginners)

This is from Stentor and it is one of the best violins for beginners. It comes in four different sizes (4/4; 3/4; 2/4; 1/4). This is an ideal violin for teenage and adult beginners.  It has better sound quality. All over Stentor 1500 is undoubtedly one of the best violins for beginners. It is very good in quality for beginners and also very price efficient.


This violin is handcrafted and has a solid maple back. It is crafted using full ebony fittings. This violin has a fine-grained and handcrafted solid spruce top. It comes with rope core strings and a tailpiece with an integral adjuster. The chinrest and pegs are quite decent in quality. This is a good-looking violin with a clear coating and this violin comes with a very good case in quality. It also includes a bow and rosin.


-the making of this violin is good in quality

-both violin and the case are durable

-Materials are good in quality

-lightweight and balanced

-has a nice tone


-straps are present with the case for easy transportation


-there is no shoulder-rest

-strings are not that good

Aliyes Premium Violin

This is a violin with a complete package but surprisingly it is very inexpensive. This violin is the best choice of our expert review team as the best violin for beginners. Because it offers much more than the price. But this violin is only available at full size which means 4/4. It can be the best violin for beginners if you are a teenager or above.

best violin for beginners


This violin is completely hand-made from solid wood. Its spruce top is also solid and handcrafted. It has a maple back, a maple fingerboard, pegs, a chinrest, and a tailpiece. Four integrated fine tuners are included in the tailpiece. A solid lightweight hard case comes with the violin that includes backpack straps. That makes it easier for transportation. The included bow is made of Brazilwood and unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair. A shoulder rest and a block of rosin are also there. An extra set of strings and an extra bridge is provided with the violin. The provider provides professional guidance about violin tuning or violin maintenance if needed. It has a one-year warranty.


-handmade and quality is good

-price is very low compared to offerings

-sound quality is decent enough

-includes an extra set of strings

-includes an extra bridge


-strings are not that good in quality

-only one size is available(4/4)

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

It has been Cremona’s best violin for beginners for over three decades. It is also the top-selling violin of Cremona’s success. This is a US-made violin. Experienced musicians also like this violin for its build quality and sound quality. Music Inc. magazine also reviewed this violin and they also mentioned that “Cremona SV-175 is designed to meet the needs of beginning and advance level students”. This violin is proof of quality craftsmanship.


It has handcrafted maple wood for the back, sides, and spruce. Ebony pegs are quality built and firmly fitted for better tuning. The lightweight construction makes this violin very well-balanced. The ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and tailpiece are hard and lightweight with four fine tuners.

The violin is well furnished and completed with a warm brown finish which looks so beautiful and attractive. It can last decades without facing major problems. This violin comes in a lightweight oblong violin case which is also very good in quality. The case comes with a velvet inner lining and a built-in Hygrometer. It is very well for protecting the violin while traveling. The brazilwood-made bow also comes with the violin. Real Mongolian horsehair is used to complete the bow. It brings out the sweet sound of the violin. This violin has the perfect balance right out of the box. It only takes a quick tuning to start.


-quality craftsmanship

-professional carrying case

-strung with good quality string

-very well balanced out of the box

-oiled neck for smooth playing

-available in 7 different sizes

-built very well to last decades


-no rosin and shoulder rest

-sometimes hygrometer does not work properly

Cecilio CVN-300 (Best Violin for Beginners)

Cecilio is one of the best violin brands known for the production of a decent instrument at an affordable price. CVN-300 is one of them. It is a top-selling violin and also the best violin for beginners from Cecilio. The violin has been made to meet the standards of a beginner student. It comes with everything which a beginner needs to start learning the violin. This violin comes in four different sizes.


This violin comes with a solid spruce wood top. The back, neck, and sides are beautifully carved and completed using solid maple. It looks charming with inlaid purfling in antique varnish. The fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, and Tailpiece is ebony. The tailpiece has four detachable nickel-plated fine tuners and comes with D’Addario Prelude strings.

CVN-300 offers incredible value for money because it offers many things at a low price and also the violin is still very playable. The outfit includes a lightweight hardshell case without backpack straps. Two brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair come with them. Cecilio rosin, shoulder rest, and an extra bridge are also in the outfit. Besides, Cecilio gives a tuner and a lesson book also.

It is very hard to defeat Cecilio CVN-300 for the value it brings at such a low price. As it is very low in price it didn’t drop the quality. The quality that a beginner needs is present in the violin. The structure is very good and very well balanced and it comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturers’ defects. Honestly saying Cecilio has done all it can to make a good violin with everything that needs at a low cost. And they are successful at making the best violin for beginners.


-Good built quality and sound

-strings are good

-a Cecilio tuner, lesson book, and an extra bridge included

-very price efficient

-1-year warranty


-bow and shoulder rest’s quality is not that good

-only for newbies

D Z Strad Violin Model 100 (Best Violin for Beginners)

Model 100 is one of the best violins for beginners from D Z Strad. It is their most famous handcrafted violin. It produces better sound than other violins at its price point. This is a very price-efficient violin in the market. As a beginner,  buying this violin would not be a waste of money because of its quality.


MV400 is made of solid wood and a hand-carved spruce top. The hand-carved back and sides are also solid maple wood. The fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs are ebonies. The alloy tailpiece has four integrated fine tuners. The violin has beautiful inlaid purfling and a very charming varnish finish.

The outfit package includes a case, brazilwood bow, shoulder rest, and rosin. The case is decent in quality. Real horsehair is used in the making of the brazilwood bow. A set of D’addario strings and rosin is there and their quality of them is good.

The violin comes in six different sizes and is already set up so that you can start playing immediately after getting it. The playability and consistency of this violin will surely make happy a beginner who would love to play the violin. The rich and warm sound will make anyone joyful. This is one of the best violins for beginners and surely will bring value to the newbie students.


-quality craftsmanship

-will last for many years

-included D’addario strings and rosin

-price efficient


-the case quality is not that good for lasting many years

-no backpack straps with the case

Mendini MV400

MV400 is the best violin for beginners from Mendini. This violin is best for newbies and also for intermediate students. It is a very clear and responsive violin at a very low price point. Though its price is very low, its offerings are great and the quality is there. The violin is not only easy to play but also very easy to handle. This will be very helpful for beginners.


MV400 is made of solid wood and a hand-carved spruce top. The hand-carved back and sides are also solid maple wood. The fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs are ebonies. The alloy tailpiece has four integrated fine tuners. The violin has beautiful inlaid purfling and a very charming varnish finish.

The outfit package includes everything that a beginner needs. The lightweight foam-fitting hard case comes with the violin. Two brazilwood bows, unbleached and made with genuine horsehair come with the package. An extra set of strings, an extra bridge, good quality rosin, and an adjustable shoulder rest are also there. A Cecilio chromatic tuner and a lesson book also come with the violin.

This violin is tuned for bright and open sounds with a very smooth tone. That’s why it is one of the most recommended violins for beginners. It comes in four different sizes. 4/4 is the ideal one for adult beginners. This violin has a 1-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defect. The Mendini MV400 is a beginner’s violin. Considering the price it is a wonderful violin and surely the best violin for beginners.


-Price is very low

-the making of the violin is decent in quality for beginners

-an extra bow and a bridge is provided

-an extra set of the string is also provided

-A Cecilio tuner and a lesson book includes

-everything is set up and ready to play when delivered

-has 1 year of warranty


-need tuning expertise

-the quality of bows will not satisfy

-shoulder rest is also cheap in quality

Cremona SV-500 Premier (Best Violin for Beginners)

Cremona is a well know violin brand that produces some of the best violins. SV-500 is one of them. The model SV-500 fits in the mid to low price range. This violin is very well known and Cremona’s most famous violin for sound. It is the perfect and best violin for beginners as an adult or teenagers. This has the best tone quality for advanced-level students. That means this violin is not only for beginners but also can fulfill the needs of advanced-level players. Famous Strings Magazine also reviews this violin as “A good choice for anyone looking for a first or second violin”. This violin will surely encourage new students to keep progressing and developing their skills.


SV-500 comes in four different sizes. The violin’s body is made with the finest solid maple. It has a solid hand-carved spruce top. The maple is flamed. And has a rich, hand-applied reddish-brown varnish finish. The violin is set up to MENC standards at Cremona’s workshop in California with a French-made Aubert bridge and US-made Prelude strings. It has quality Swiss-style ebony fittings and selected ebony fingerboard and a lightweight composite tailpiece. The tailpiece has four fine tuners for easy and better tuning. The chinrest is also lightweight ebony and very well designed with Stradivarius style.

The outfit with the violin includes a very good quality, durable oblong case. It also has a built-in Hygrometer. A very well-balanced, deluxe Brazilwood bow also comes with the outfit which is made of genuine horsehair. This violin is very well-balanced to handle. It is a great example of craftsmanship. It produces the best quality sound and its tone can easily satisfy not only beginners but also professionals. That’s why this violin can easily sneak into any list of best violins for beginners.


-very impressive sound quality

-good quality case

-looks gorgeous

-built-in hygrometer

-all set up and ready to play out of the box immediately


-no shoulder rest or rosin included

-sometimes hygrometer tends not to work

-it’s a midrange-priced violin

D Z Strad Violin Model 101

Model 101 is another best violins for beginners from DZ Strad. It is for beginners but can meet the standard of intermediate violin students too.  The look of this violin is very simple and classic. The playability of this violin is so good and balanced for beginners and it produces a warm and round tone. This is a favorite violin among Suzuki and other private teachers. The size of a violin is important for a student, especially for beginner students. Because a perfect size violin gives a comfortable playing experience which is very helpful for learning. This violin comes in seven different sizes. So, beginners of any age can get a perfect size violin for starting.


Model 101 is hand carved from aged tonewood and finished with spirit varnish. The back and sides are maple and beautifully figured. The carved top is made with selected tight-grain spruce. The fingerboard and fittings are ebonies. The Wittner-style tailpiece has four fine tuners for easy tuning. A very good quality hard case comes with the outfit of this violin. The outfit also has a Brazilwood bow. It is made with genuine horsehair. A decent quality shoulder rest, D’addario’s rosin, and a set of D’addario prelude strings are there.

This is a handmade violin for beginner students which is very good in quality and produces a very warm and good sound. The playability is also very satisfying. Though it is not an ideal violin for advanced students, it is the best violin for beginners. This violin sits in a low to the mid-price range but the quality for beginners is there. So, hopefully buying this violin would not be a waste of money.


-lightweight and balanced very well

-bow is very good in quality

-many different sizes are available


-Sound quality is not that much better

-this model is for beginners

Cremona SV-200 Premier

Cremona’s SV-200 premier students’ violin is another violin with skillful craftsmanship. This is a very nice-looking violin and its sound is very pleasing to hear. SV-200 is designed to meet the specific needs of beginning or advanced-level students. It is a great violin and surely the best violin for beginners to start a journey of learning classical music. The craftsmanship of this violin is brilliant and has a beautiful traditional look. This violin’s balance is very well and easy for handling which is very helpful for beginners. Its sound is very warm and pleasing to hear. It encourages students’ spirit to learn. This surely is the best violin for beginners.


The flamed maple is used for the construction of this violin and has hand-carved solid spruce as the top material. Higher-grade ebony fingerboard, chinrest, and Swiss-style pegs are there. The lightweight composite tailpiece has four fine tuners for easy tuning. Every student’s violin of Cremona comes with US-made Prelude strings. Educators prefer them widely for students.

This violin has a translucent light red finish for the look of traditional elegance. It is set up to MENC standards at Cremona’s workshop in California. The manufacturer has a warranty and customer service for this violin. A popular CP-3910 oblong violin case comes with the outfit. The outfit also includes a premium octagonal brazilwood bow with an ebony frog and genuine unbleached horsehair. Both the bow and case are very good in quality.


-great built quality

-has a nice look

-price efficient

-will last for many years


-no shoulder rest and rosin included

-hygrometer fails to work sometimes

Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin

Yamaha is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments. They have produced a  good number of violin models which are very famous among beginners and professionals. The V3 student model is their entry-level students’ violin which is the best violin for beginners. The Yamaha V3 violin is a mid-grade option and as a mid-grade, it offers both excellent performance and good value for money.


As a student model, it is designed with a balance between cost and quality. This violin is handmade very skillfully. The tonewoods used for the construction of this violin are thoroughly dried under environmentally controlled conditions to increase durability and create a reliable instrument. It ensures that there is no warping or cracking and results in a reliable instrument with great sound quality. Fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs are ebonies. The Wittner-style tailpiece has four fine tuners to make the tuning easy.

A durable thermoplastic case with backpack straps comes with a great violin and does a great job protecting the violin while traveling. A brazilwood bow made of genuine horsehair is in the outfit. Rosin is also there. This Yamaha violin is the best violin for beginners that offer superior quality and playability. Compared to other beginner violins it produces a richer and bolder sound quality resulting in a better experience. It is built very well so that the instrument could keep encouraging students to learn with joy.


-built quality is very good

-sound quality is worth the money

-solid reputation and support

-very durable


-no shoulder rest included


Above we have discussed 10 different violins. We produced this list of the 10 best violins for beginners with the help of our expert reviewers and experienced musicians. So it’ll definitely be helpful for you as a guide to buying. We have described everything based on user experience. So before buying you can check which is better for you or your children? We hope this review can be helpful for your purchase. These 10 models are great for value and the best violin for beginners. Now you only need to find one which matches your standards.

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