violin accessories for beginners

Violin Accessories for Beginners

You can’t play the violin without a bow, rosin, or probably a shoulder rest. You will also need some additional accessories like a practice mute, extra strings, and of course a case to keep your violin safe. These are the accessories for the violin. Stay with us, cause we are going to cover everything about must-have violin accessories for beginners according to their needs.

We all know that buying a new instrument is very exciting, but it’s also confusing at the same time. We know how it feels after purchasing a new instrument. Lots of questions appear after buying a new instrument. What to do next, what to buy next etc. There are a lot of accessories out there in the market for student violinists. This blog is for choosing the right violin accessories for beginners. Knowing to use violin accessories is very important because if you don’t use them in the right way there will be a contra result. Read the post till the end because we are going to give a lot of information about violin accessories for beginners.

List of Important Violin Accessories for Beginners

  • Bow
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Rosin
  • Tuner
  • Music Stand
  • Soft Cloth
  • Extra Strings
  • Violin Case
  • Dampit
  • Peg Compound
  • Music Folder
  • Violin Mute

1. Bow (The most important violin accessory for beginners)

A bow is not just a wooden stick strung with hair. It’s a magic stick for a passionate violinist that helps them produce the sound of their emotions. A violin bow is probably the most important violin accessory. A bow is not only a violin accessory for beginners, it is necessary for all levels of the violinist. Now, there is a question. How do you know if your violin bow is good?

A good-condition violin won’t feel too heavy or light in your hand. If you view the bow from down it should look straight. When the bow is too weak or too soft then the bow is not in a good condition.

2. Shoulder Rest (The essential violin accessories for beginners)

There are many violinists with longer necks who play the violin without shoulder rest by lifting their shoulders upward. This is not the case for all players though. Especially beginners will struggle a lot playing like this. That’s why a shoulder rest is one of the very important violin accessories for beginners. Shoulder rest adds height to the violin so you don’t have to uplift your shoulder which prevents any kind of shoulder pain. This accessory prevents your violin from slipping and also adds comfort when you are playing. Should you use shoulder rest for the violin?

Practicing your violin without a shoulder rest will help you sound more natural and will also allow you to play better in tune with less effort. Then why should anyone use a violin shoulder rest? Well as we said earlier not everyone plays in the same way. If you feel any kind of pain or find difficulty holding your violin properly you should use a shoulder rest. You can use it if you are a beginner and start playing without it when you will be more experienced.

3. Rosin (The second most important violin accessory for beginners)

Rosin is an essential accessory for any kind of fretted string instrument. This is not only a violin accessory for beginners because all levels of violinists use rosin for getting a better sound. What the heck is rosin?

Friction! Rosin generates friction so that the bow hair does not slip from the string. Rosin helps the bow to have a perfect grip on the string so that the vibration is clearer. Without rosin, there won’t be any grip and the bow will slip and won’t provide any sound. Lighter rosin is for violin or viola.

4. Tuner (Another most important violin accessory for beginners)

Tuning your instrument is one of the most important things to get the desired sound you want. That’s why a tuner plays an important role when it comes to tuning any kind of string instrument. A tuner is not just a violin accessory for beginners, it is an important tool for all levels of players. Should you use a tuner while playing?

While practicing scales and intonation studies we highly recommend a tuner on the instrument. It is better to use a chromatic tuner, with very clear visual cues.

5. Music Stand

A music stand is a paper holder where the music is printed. It allows the player to see the music while playing. The music stand is among the great violin accessories for beginners. It helps players in many ways. Music stands not only allow the player or singer to see the music but also help them to achieve a good posture. Where should the music stand be placed?

While practicing you should place the stand at your eye height so that you can see the music properly. When you are at a performance you should keep the stand as low as possible because the audience will assume that you know the music properly and the stand is just for safety issues.

6. Soft Cloth

As you use rosin you will see that dust is being accumulated on your violin and bow. This is the time when you need a soft cloth to clean them up. That is why soft cloth is one of the violin accessories for beginners. How to clean your violin with a soft cloth?

Use your cloth to clean the unwanted dust from strings and bow hair. Use a separate cloth to clean the rest of the instrument. Clean your instrument after every time you finish playing.

7. Extra Strings

Without string, your violin is totally valueless. We all know that every creation in this world has an end. Your violin strings are no exception. That’s why keeping extra strings can be very good violin accessories for beginners and other levels of players.

8. Dampit

Dampit is a protective shield that protects your instrument from any kind of crack or damage due to adverse weather. This is one of the must-have violin accessories for beginners and all levels of players. Dampit releases moisture throughout the whole day so that your instrument is at its best. How to use a dampit?

First, take a bowl full of water and sink the dampit into the bowl for 20 seconds. When the dampit starts releasing small bubbles take it out and softly rub it with a soft cloth. Then put the whole dampit into the f-holes. You can put the dampit into your instrument when you are not playing it.

9. Violin Case

Do you know the best way to protect your violin? The answer is putting your violin in a hard case. This is probably one of the most essential violin accessories for beginners and for all levels of players. Many beginners think of a violin case as a burden. But you should choose a hard violin case because it will not only protect your violin but other accessories also. You can store almost 14 violin accessories in a good violin case.

Check out our recommended violin case on Amazon by clicking on the above image.

10. Peg Compound

Peg compound is a very essential tool for string-based instruments. It’s especially a very important violin accessory for beginners. A peg compounder is a tool that allows your pegs to have a nice grip when you tune your instrument. There are two kinds of peg compounders: one is solid and the other one is liquid. Liquid compounder is best for beginners. How to use a peg compounder?

A Peg compounder is generally used when the peg of your instrument, especially the one of A string is not gripping like before. When you face the problem you pull your peg off and kind of rub the peg compounder on the bottom of your peg like a crayon. Now your peg should have a nice grip like before.

11. Music Folder

If you are intended to be a professional player then you should have a music sheet besides a music book. Your music sheets need to be kept in an organized place and the music folder is the right tool for that. That’s why it is one of the must-have violin accessories for beginners.

12. Violin Mute

The Violin mute is the tool to soften the sound of your violin. It is another violin accessory for beginners. There are two types of violin mute. One is a two-hole violin mute which is for professional players and the other one is a practice mute for regular practice. Should I use a violin mute?

It depends on your situation. But we prefer not to use a violin mute because when you play without it the sound is louder and while practicing it doesn’t produce the natural sound so that is a problem. If you are a beginner and want a soothing sound while practicing so that no one is disturbed then this is your tool.


There are too many brands in the market offering the same product. You might get puzzled, that’s why you can buy from our site because they are recommended products. You might need multiple accessories. This is totally up to your needs. Choose your product by reading reviews of previous users.

Also, emphasize learning how to use these accessories so that you can get the best out of them. Now that you know about the essential violin accessories for beginners you should get them as soon as possible and get started. Best of luck!

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