Top 10 Best guitar picking technique 2022

1. Travis Picking: A Guitarist’s Guide to Fingerpicking Techniques, Patterns, and Styles

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2. Complete Technique for Modern Guitar: Develop perfect guitar technique and master picking, legato, rhythm and expression (Learn Guitar Theory and Technique)

3. Alternate Picking Guitar Technique: Build Perfect Alternate Picking Speed, Accuracy & Guitar Technique in 90 Musical Exercises (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

4. Economy Picking Guitar Technique: Speed Picking Secrets for Smooth, Economical Picking Mastery (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

5. The Complete Guitar Technique Speed Strategies Collection: A Three-In-One Compilation of Sweep Picking, Speed Picking & Legato Methods For Guitar (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

6. Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

7. Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar: Essential Guitar Techniques, Arpeggios and Licks for Total Fretboard Mastery (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

8. Hybrid Picking Guitar Technique: Master the Techniques, Secrets & Versatility of Modern Hybrid Picking on Guitar (Learn Rock Guitar Technique)

9. Ultimate Guitar Tech.: Hybrid Picking Techniques

10. Guitar Picking Mechanics: Techniques & Exercises for Increasing Your Accuracy, Speed, & Comfort (Book + Online Audio)

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