Top 10 Best drive pedals for guitar 2022

1. JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Drive Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Pedal – Bypass, DC 9V and Battery Supported

  • Recreates sound of a late 70’s overdriven tube-amp.
  • Rich bordering-on-distortion overdrive, second- and third-order harmonics.
  • Features Gain, Level and Tone knobs, as well as Hi/Low Tone switch allows even brighter top end.
  • Whole aluminium-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong.
  • Surpassing what a diode tube amp can provide. open it up and the response and spacious harmonics make a big overdrive tube amp.

2. lotmusic Ultimate Drive Overdrive Pedal Electric Guitar Effects Pedal Mini Single Type DC 9V True Bypass (Black)

  • Integrated Noise Reduction: Developed with the code to reduce noise swells common with Ultimate Drive circuit, you get the quietest effect possible with this Ultimate Drive pedal.
  • Pure Signal:True bypass switching maintains pure signal flow when the Ultimate Drive pedal disengaged. Dedicated Gain & Volume &Tone knobs allow for precise effect tailoring.
  • Solid Quality: The whole Ultimate Drive guitar pedal is made of aluminum alloy and classic, stable and strong. Aluminium alloy body makes this Ultimate Drive pedal safe to transport.
  • Easy Carry: Powered by a DC 9V adapter (not included in this package),this Ultimate Drive pedal has a small size body, light weight, suitable for out side gigs.
  • Lifetime Promise: Unbelievably inexpensive two-knob setup,it’s obviously simple to use. For any problem with this distortion pedal, just contact us for a perfect solution, we are always here and help!

3. AZOR Overdrive Guitar Pedal, Leon Drive Vintage Overdrive Effect HP(High)/LP(Low) Modes True Bypass

  • 🎸Leon drive is a cross between a distortion and overdrive, different from the regular diode clipping circuits
  • 🎸2 Working Modes: HP/LP
  • 🎸Featured Gain, Level and Tone controls.True bypass design to minimize tone loss
  • 🎸Low peak mode (LP) colors the original sound very little but works well for clean boosting
  • 🎸Power source:9V DC adapter center negative(no power adapter included)

4. Donner Dumbal Drive Overdrive Guitar Pedal, Transparent Overdrive with 2 Band EQ Boost Effect Pure Analog True Bypass

  • An overdrive circuit based on the legendary D-style amplifier.
  • Three clipping circuit mode.
  • Two ways of EQ adjustment.
  • Natural sound, real tube like touching, smooth compression and huge dynamic. Provides a clean transparent boost to mild warm crunchy overdrive guitar tone. A re-edition of *Timmy Overdrive.
  • Keeps the characteristics of the tones that the guitar naturally produces. 100% Analog, True Bypass. DC 9V Adapter power supply. (plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center).(Not Included)

5. JOYO Ultimate Drive Overdrive Pedal and Rich Bordering-on-Distortion Overdrive for Electric Guitar Effect – Bypass (JF-02)

  • JOYO Ultimate Drive gives you rich bordering-on-distortion overdrive, surpassing what a diode tube amp can provide.
  • This pedal is easy to use and has no discernible background noise. It’s great for feedback, picking out your guitar’s natural harmonics effortlessly and the high/low switch will give you that extra kick without having to change your settings.
  • Whole aluminium-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong, with small LED flash indicator shows the working state.
  • In addition to the existing JF/Ironman/R series of effect pedals, we will improve and upgrade our products, based on the extensive and constructive feedback with supportive.
  • JOYO Technology Co.,LTD which established at 2006, it’s over decade of brand reputation, with own electroacoustic core technology and a much more strong technical team, thousands innovative patents, guide design by music masters, and the most popular budget pedals and amplifiers, winning the love of global guitarists.

6. Donner Overdrive Guitar Pedal, Blues Drive Vintage Overdrive Effect Warm/Hot Modes True Bypass

  • 🎸[2 overdrive modes] Warm: The classic TS overdrive sound replica. Hot: More powerful, a louder, tightened sound.
  • 🎸[Style-type] Combining iconic vintage tube overdrive sound with wide dynamic range, Donner overdrive pedal gives you a wide tonal range from smooth whispers to searing leads.
  • 🎸[Easy to use]Flexible knobs for tone control: LEVEL (output volume), TONE (brightness) and GAIN (overdrive amount).
  • 🎸[True bypass guitar pedal] True bypass provides transparent tone. Enduring aluminum alloy chassis.
  • 🎸[Power supply] DC 9V Adapter power supply.(NOT INCLUDED)

7. FLAMMA FC07 Overdrive Pedal Electric Guitar Effects Pedal Mini Analog Guitar Pedal True Bypass 2 Overdrive Modes Metal Shell

  • 2 overdrive working Modes: Warm/Hot. Warm: Reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier, it provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound. Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone.
  • True bypass provides transparent tone.
  • Very small and compact design.
  • DC 9V adapter power supply. Not Included.

8. Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

9. Soul Five Overdrive Guitar Pedal used for Rock, Fusion, Jazz and Blues.

  • Say hello to the Soul Five Overdrive. This pedal can be used as an overdrive or a boost. It adds another level of tone to your sound. You can feel the soul in this pedal’s tone. Works great with gain driven amps and other pedal drives. It’s hard to describe a tone so you just have to test drive it. See and hear it for yourself.
  • Recommended use for Rock, Fusion, Jazz and Blues.
  • The Soul Five Overdrive is a uniquely designed pedal with added features like illuminated knobs and footswitch for dark stages. She is built with a unique sloped die cast metal casing that has a magnetic bottom. Individual illuminated knobs for Volume, Treble and the “Meat” knob for added bottom tone when the gain is up. A 3-way boost switch adds some color and volume boost. The larger “Gain” knob increases the amount of overdrive.
  • “Totally versatile.. from clean boost to warm rounded bite.. all tones and drives.. well constructed nice power / activated lights”
  • “Plays just like Greg Howe’s review said. Gives extra bite to your own Amps Overdrive. It also provides a smooth heat to any clean channel, the meat button really thickens your sound and that’s my favorite adjustment when activated. The LED lights are a real nice bonus.”

10. MXR M294 Sugar Drive Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitars Bundle with Blucoil Slim 9V Power Supply AC Adapter, 10′ Straight Instrument Cable (1/4″), 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables, and 4x Guitar Picks

  • PROVIDES CLEAN BOOST – The MXR M294 Sugar Drive is equipped with a special Drive control that increases the pedal’s intensity and Blends the dry signal with the overdrive signal for an amp-like breakup and response.
  • INCREASES YOUR HEADROOM – The onboard voltage doubler boosts the overall headroom. It allows the dynamics of your playing to push through, giving you a wide-open sound.
  • OFFERS SWITCHABLE BYPASS OPERATION – By default, the M294 is set in true bypass. Your audio signal remains fully intact without any tonal coloration. You can also change to Buffered Bypass by toggling the switch on the side of the pedal.
  • DELIVERS VERSATILITY AND PORTABILITY – You can use M294 for paying harmonically rich overdrive or blown-tube distortion. The pedal has a compact size of 3.6 x 1.5 x 1.2″. It saves you lots of space on your pedalboard.
  • INCLUDES – MXR M294 Sugar Drive Boost/Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitars. Blucoil Power Supply with Slim AC/DC Adapter for 9 Volt DC 670mA with US Plug (Center Negative Polarity). Blucoil Premium 10-FT Instrument Cable with 1/4″ Straight Connectors and PVC Shield for Guitars and Amps. 2-Pack of Blucoil Right-Angled Patch Cables for Effects Pedals. 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks (Assorted Colors).

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